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You have expertise, have a headshot that shows it.

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Corporate Business Branding Photography

Why You Need

A Great Headshot

Whatever industry you work in, you will be judged by your online image. Most people form an opinion about a person’s trustworthiness within just 1/10th of a second and that impression can last up to 6 months… even AFTER they’ve met you in person!

A Great Headshot  Communicates Your Best Message

From asking the right questions about you and your profession before your session to directing you during the photo shoot, our goal is to ensure your images share the best messages for your brand. 

A lawyer's headshot should communicate a different message than a nurse's - our visual artists create the most captivating, authentic photos to visually introduce you and your brand in the best, most genuine way possible.

Corporate Business Branding Photography

Corporate Business Branding Photography

What Can Your Headshot Do For You?

Are you looking to climb to that next rung on the corporate ladder? Are you an entrepreneur looking to build your business? Are you an aspiring model looking to step onto your first runway? Maybe you’re an actor on the verge of landing your first big role. Whatever your story, if taken properly, your headshot can tell your story for you when you’re not there to tell it for yourself.

Meet Your Visual Artist

Hi, I’m Mark VanderSys, president and lead visual artist at Pixel Light Creative Group. With over 25 years of experience as a professional photographer, I’ve become an expert in connecting with people to capture authentic, compelling visual stories in the most seamless way possible. My images elevate your business by visually communicating your unique story.

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Customized Packages to Fit Your Needs

We offer three headshot packages as springboards from which we can customize a package to your specific needs:

Package 1:  One Amazing Headshot  (an in-studio headshot with a background of your choice)

Package 2:  Two Terrific Headshots (two in-studio headshots with an option for a change of clothing or background).

Package 3:  Executive Headshots (we will travel to your office or workplace to capture headshots that show  you on your home turf).

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What's Included?

All of our headshot packages include:

     Basic retouching (light and color correction)

     Same-day image selection

     Multiple size cropping (with sizes identified prior to editing)

     Commercial usage license

     Extensive editing (scar removal, etc.) at an additional cost

     Hair or makeup styling at an additional cost

Headshots For Your Team

Your people are the best in the industry, so let’s work together to show your current and future clients just how amazing your team is. Creating a cohesive library of your team's headshots creates consistency in branding and reflects a united corporate culture.  We also offer discounted rates when multiple headshots are taken in one sitting.

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Don't Just Take Our Word for it,

Here's What Our Clients Say...

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We're experts in our art and understand an expression or tilt of the head can dramatically change the message being communicated in an image. From asking the right questions before your session to directing you during the shoot, we will create the most captivating, authentic images to represent you and your brand in the most genuine way possible.

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Are You Ready To Start Attracting The Best Clients?

Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1.  Schedule a free consultation. We’ll learn about you, your brand and your goals and share information about our packages and pricing.

2.  Participate in a story planning session. Together we’ll brainstorm to identify the storylines which will introduce your brand in the best way possible. Based on the storylines chosen, we’ll agree on a time and location for your shoot, any props that might be needed and create the paperwork to make our plans official.

3.  Capture your visual stories. On the day of the shoot we’ll handle all the technical stuff. You’ll just need to be prepared to demonstrate confidence in your brand and enjoy the positive experience as we capture the images to visually introduce you to your new potential clients.

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