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Introduce yourself and your brand in the most authentic way 


What is Visual Brand Photography?

It’s the imagery of you doing what you do!

Making a first impression only takes an instant.  In today’s world where much of our business is done online, visual branding is the quickest, most authentic way to introduce yourself and your brand.  

Consumers prefer to work with people they know, like and trust.  By introducing yourself and your brand visually,  you're instantly able to begin forming a relationship and building trust.

Why Work With Us?

We capture the best visuals to communicate your unique personality and brand identity

There’s no one exactly like you, so images of you doing what you do best build a relationship faster than logos, stock images or clipart. 

Our visual artists are experts at creating captivating photos to introduce you and your brand in the most genuine ways possible.  From asking the right questions before your session to directing you during the photo shoot, our goal is to ensure your images share the best messages for your brand.

Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station

What Exactly Do I Get?

We design visual branding sessions to tell stories about you and your business.

Hat Ranch Winery Design Build

Your stories may show you at work, you away from work, your products, the causes you’re passionate about, or anything else that will help your potential clients connect with you. Each session includes story design and planning, shooting, and receiving a curated library of electronic images with unlimited commercial usage rights.  

Our Packages are Customized to Fit Your Needs

We offer three base packages as springboards from which we can adjust to fit your specific needs:

Brand 3/60:  Three brand stories and 60 images (enough for posting on social media five days per week for approximately three months).

Brand 5/90:  Five brand stories and 90 images (enough for posting on social media every day for approximately three months).

Brand Unleashed:  One full day of shooting with unlimited brand stories/images.  The best value for ensuring you have a full library of images for your marketing and social media needs.

Untitled photo

Untitled photo

What's Included?

All of our visual brand packages include:

Same-day image preview

Basic retouching (smoothing blemishes, removing flyaway hairs, etc.)

Social media cropping (with sizes identified prior to editing)

Commercial usage license

Additional images available for purchase in groups of 10

10% discount on an annual contract (4 shoots per year) with a monthly payment plan

25% discount on prepaid annual contract

Package prices do not include unique costs such as travel expenses or facility rentals.

About Social Media Subscriptions

Social media posts with visual imagery get 95% more views than posts without images.  Our images make creating your social media calendar a breeze since you'll have a curated library of beautiful, cohesive images that show you and your brand in a variety of settings. 

Since your brand is always evolving and you always want to share fresh content, we encourage shooting multiple stories in various settings throughout the year.  By enrolling in a social media subscription, you'll always have season-appropriate, current images on hand.  



Meet Your Visual Artist

Hi, I’m Mark VanderSys, president and lead visual artist at Pixel Light Creative Group. With over 25 years of experience, I’ve become an expert in connecting with people to capture authentic, compelling visual stories in the most seamless way possible. My images elevate your business by visually communicating your unique story.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients say...


Mark knows how to work professionally and efficiently. He’s been absolutely great for our people and our brand.

“What sold me on Mark was his client list and the work he’d done. I knew his expertise would be really beneficial for our brand as we took it to the next level. We had used employees who had some photography background in the past, but there’s a big difference between someone who has a camera and someone on Mark’s level. He’s amazing and knows all the tricks to get top-notch results. People continue to be thrilled with his photos and when you are scheduling photos of executives, you need someone who will be super efficient, super professional and will get really great results. Mark knows how to work professionally and efficiently. He’s been absolutely great for our people and our brand.” - David Nielsen, Intuit



They exceed our expectations!

"We're an east coast company who travelled to Boise to meet with an important client of ours. Part of this meeting entailed conducting a photoshoot in a live store for this client's internal library, and Pixel Light Creative Group was the clear choice to be trusted with this task. From the planning, to the execution, to the delivery of the polished photos, I never once worried that Pixel Light Creative Group wouldn't meet expectations. In fact, they exceeded expectations. I hope to work with Mark VanderSys and his team again in the future, and wholeheartedly recommend Pixel Light Creative Group." - Eric Simmons, Multimedia Specialist at


Are You Ready To Start Attracting Your Best Clients?

Are You Ready To Start Attracting Your Best Clients?

Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3:



We’ll learn about you, your business, your goals and share information about our various package options and pricing.



Together we’ll identify which visual imaging options fit your needs and firm up a shoot date and location.



We’ll handle all the technical stuff. You’ll just need to be present and enjoy the positive experience.

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